As with most episodes throughout the series, What Life D-D-Doth has sexual innuendo.

  • While relating the story of his parents' death, Xavier talks about "groping enlightenment in [his] bedroom", which may be a reference to masturbation.
  • In one of Xavier's flashbacks, Chief Master Guru makes a reference to incest.
  • Xavier refers to Chief Master Guru as being "balls deep."
  • Several times throughout the episode, computers are referred to as "pooters". "Pooter" is a slang term for vagina. However, throughout many years, people have been known to refer computers as a "pooter" for shortening reasons.
  • Xavier says he is going to "dump this load into that dirty pooter's floppy slot". This is a reference to sexual intercourse; "load" is a slang term for semen, while "pooter" and "floppy slot" are metaphors for the vagina.
  • When Xavier tries to help the woman by getting her out of the way of a truck that was nowhere near her, one of the hicks tells Xavier if he would prefer harassin' you, or "her ass in you."

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