"Shakashuri Blowdown"
Season 1, episode 10
Shakashuri Blowdown
Airdate: January 13, 2008
Director: John Lee

Vernon Chatman

Marco Bertoldo

Writers John Lee

Vernon Chatman

Alyson Levy

"Signs From Godrilla"

The episode begins with Xavier walking through the desert, pondering the concept of "self," when he encounters his father in the shape of a cloud, who grabs Xavier up into the air and reveals to his son that he caused his death. Now falling, Xavier is shocked by this discovery and his body appears to split into two separate bodies as he hits the ground.

Distraught by his past actions, Xavier boards a boxcar soon to be moved by a helicopter and prepares to kill himself with a razor in order to fulfill his promise to kill his father's killer. He is stopped by a man on the boxcar who attempts to start a fight with Xavier, taking off his shirt, contacts, tattoos, and prosthetic limbs in order to intimidate him. His friend initially attempts to cool him down, but after mentioning the first man's toupee, he becomes enraged and the two men beat Xavier to the ground.

The man starts to shave Xavier's wrist to make a "wrist hair mustache" and uncovers a phone number written beneath his fur. Shocked, the man apologizes, leaving the boxcar with his friend, and Xavier decides the number is a "last minute cosmic pardon from the governor of circumstance" and calls it.

Another Xavier (presumable one of the two Xaviers that were seen to have split in the opening scene) answers the first Xavier's call. The two make a few exchange, then leave their respective phone booths to find themselves standing face to face. They then engage in an absurd and confusing argument over which of them is the real Xavier, both seeming to claim victory and defeat simultaneously. After a few minutes of banter, they decide the affair must be settled with a "shakasuri blowdown."

They stand in the same dessert, only the lighting has changed and each is armed with a shakasuri flute. One Xavier says "ladies first" to the other, after which they remain deadlocked for 16 hours before the other Xavier finally breaks and concedes to "blow first." As they solo back and forth, they conjure up fantastical objects and creatures that do battle with each other, eventually evolving into a psychedelic phantasmagoria of fractals, objects, and symbolism created by their simultaneous, cooperative playing.

They finish the showdown and a disembodied announcer calls time and solicits the viewers to vote for a winner, who will win a TV show, and submit it anywhere they decide. The season concludes with the cloud-embodiment of Xavier's father, who stares with three eyes out of the screen at the audience and says "it was you!"


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