Season two of Xavier: Renegade Angel began in January 2009.

Season 2: 2008-2009Edit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code #
Xavier Vibra "Vibracaust" February 12, 2009 201 11
Xavier helps out a couple who has just lost their son due in a car accident and takes massive amounts of pills to cope. The pills are filled with monks' zen vibrations. He takes a kid from a church, who he assumes is being sexually assaulted (ironically, the kid is a sexual predator), to replace him. Xavier then tries to stop the monks who are producing the pills, only to start a World Wide Vibra(Holo)caust.
Xavier Maneuver "Xavier's Maneuver" February 19, 2009 202 12
After witnessing and causing the suicide of a window cleaner, Xavier vows to redeem the life of Mr. Squa by becoming the guardian of a mob boss. Through his sly detective work, a reinvention of the Heimlich Maneuver, and an encounter with a depressed hitman-slave, Xavier chokes his past with the gift of life.
Xavier Tornador "El Tornadador" February 26, 2009 203 13
Xavier confuses the friendship with the foe boat and ends up entangled in the energy crisis, deceiving a hurricane-driving scientist (Vincent D'Onofrio) and the self-abusing Society in order to simultaneously save the snakes and tame his enemy, the wind. Meanwhile, Snakehand throws up. The title is a play on the words "El toreador" (Spanish for "the bullfighter") and "tornado".
Xavier Haunted Tonk "Haunted Tonk" March 5, 2009 204 14
After Xavier revisits his childhood home (now a strip club for pregnant, lactating women), he reconnects with his youth by simply thinking he was visited by himself in the past. The process repeats, and then the Kuttlecrumbs are released. (The title refers to Honky Tonks, a type of bar with musical entertainment that is common in the Southwestern and Southern United States.)
Xavier Free Range "Free Range Manibalism" March 12, 2009 205 15
Upon discovering that the livestock used by a local restaurant are treated better than the glue-huffing hobos outside, Xavier sets off to transform them in order to receive that standard of care, but only because he has to urinate badly. Free range is a method of farming husbandry where the animals are allowed to roam freely instead of being contained in any manner.
Xavier Damnesia "Damnesia Vu" March 19, 2009 206 16
When Xavier wakes up with no memories, the power of déjà vu reigns supreme.
Xavier Normal "Going Normal" March 26, 2009 207 17
When Xavier feels a lack of gratitude, he considers abandoning his lifequest and joining the Normal World or the World of Normals. He soon learns that is better to stay as he is.
Xavier Lotion "Kharmarabionic Lotion" April 2, 2009 208 18
A reporter gets his scoop on Xavier.
Xavier Damnesia "Damnesia You" April 9, 2009 209 19
Part two of "Damnesia Vu", the entire episode is a compilation and mixing of the videos that won the "Make your own Xavier" contest.
Xavier Braingea "Braingeas Final Cranny" April 16, 2009 210 20
After struggling on a beach with his self-imposed policy of anti-violence, Xavier sneaks into a mental institution with the aim of reuniting with his long-lost mother.