They say 'tis often the tiniest among us hath the biggest needs. You hear that? Of course I do. I'm the one who asked. Easy, stranger. Your leg looks dislocated pretty bad. I'll pop it back in, but it's gonna hurt. Ready? Inhale. Hold. Hold. Hale. Always glad to help my brethren in the kingdom of life. Maybe someday you will help me.

What the human intimates you doing, freak? Bestial-ulating that skeeter?

I'm just a simple warrior for peace trying to do right by God's creatures.

You see what this weirdo here is saying?

Wait, which weirdo?

I believe that we are all one. By helping this tiny mosquito, in a way, I'm helping your mother.

He's comparing the universal oneness of all life to your mama! Take that!

Ooh, frittata.

Taste the pain! Take that! [Buzzing]

My eye! My visual connection to this beautiful world has been severed!

I got you, dang skeeter. Taste... taste... taste...

Frittata. Your interspecial combat was noble, wise mosquito. What's wrong? You're flying all funny. Did he clip you?


Frittata. Don't you dare die on me. [Echoing] No!

To be a hero, you have to go looking for trouble. Wherever there is suffering, I was there. Wherever there is injustice, I was there. And wherever there is crying... I'm right here. What's wrong, kid? These guys... They were Mexican, they were gang members, and they smashed my mascot costume. You need to slow it down. Relax. Inhale. Hold. Hold. Ahh. Hold. Hold. Little longer. Hold. Hale. Now, who did this to you? These guys... These Mexicans... They carved their tag on me, and I was supposed to be the new mascot of the team, and they were Mexicans, and they ruined my costume... I could be your costume. Do you think you can fit inside me? No, but you could tell people I'm inside you and go put on a show as the mascot and make everyone love me, 'Cause they think it's me, Not you. You're gonna have to go underground and hide. Hey there, ho there, ladies and gentlemen. Your crazies have a brand-new mascot who's played by Percy Handfisher, sophomore whose parents were recently killed in a thresher.


Troubled High, give a warm, troubled, hey there, ho there to your troubled cra-a-zy! [Dance music plays] Are you prepared for this moment? Are you prepared for this moment? Are you prepared for this moment? Are you prepared for this moment?

Hey there, ho there, ladies

and gentlemen, the opposing team

is so intimidated by your

troubled crazy mascot, they are

forfeiting the game thanks to

Percival Handfisher.

Percy, I want to be your girlfriend!

I want you, Percy!

You did good, Percy.

Sorry for beating you up before.

I can take it.

I'm tough enough to join your little gang.

Nobody has ever survived our initiation.

Come give it a try.

Here's my card.

It's got embossed-gold 12-point

courier font on bone-white

semigloss stock.

Bone white?

I thought we all agreed to get eggshell white. Absurdity!

I'm the leader! I say bone white!

[Thinking] Lts haunting

elegance is so restrained.

See you tonight, Percy, and wear the costume.

Chief Master Guru,

you have so many wisdoms left to teach me.

Years of you and I together.

Of course, youngling.

Uh, what's that behind you?

I don't see any...

Chief Master Guru!

I vow to ramble these worlds and

find the evil ones who did this

to avenge your death.

That gets rid of that headache.

Yes, avenge me.



I did it.

You were a hit.

Everyone loves you now.

You even have a girlfriend.

Really? Is he disabled?

But stay hidden for a while.

I want to infiltrate the gang.

I just may have some avenging

chief beef to queef.

No, I can't stay down here.

Calm it down.

Close your eyes.




Hold. Hold.

Hold. Hold.

[Alarm blares]

I don't have your money, man.

Then I'm taking back what's mine.

Now boil his blood and get our drugs back.

Charge him a recycling fee.

[Knock on door]

Percy, I'm surprised you showed up.

Well, I'm not

surprised about how much I like to do crime.

You just passed the first test.

Now pass the second.

We just ordered a pizza, and

when it comes, you have to kill

the deliveryman.

Okay, but I want to

kill him outside, alone, in the dark.

It's okay.

We all have our own way of killing.

Me, I like to kill on the beach.

I like to kill to music.

It's kind of embarrassing,

but I like to kill on the toilet.

I think it's because, when I was a kid...

Kid, your mother just died.


Mocho, that's not why you

like to kill on the toilet.

That's why you don't like cereal.

Oh, yeah.

You are supposed to

be dead right now, but here... 20 bucks.

Get out of town and start a new life.

Hey, thanks, mister.

Thanks for the shot.

I killed him hard.

Pulled out his heart and showed

it to him, and he was like, "nice."


Now phase two.

You have to watch us eat the

pizza with nary a slice for yourself.

Hey, he forgot our cuckoo-bread.

[Knock on door]

Uh, I know I'm dead, but I

forgot to give you your cuckoo-bread.

A g-g-ghost!

You got a ghost to bring us cuckoo-bread.


You have shown true loco spirit.

I think you are a prime

candidate for our annual

Pauper-to-Prince program.

I thought this was my year.

Once a year, we let one

novice member sit in as gang

leader for a week.

I benefit, as I get to see the

gang from a novice perspective,

and then you benefit by

experiencing the hardships that

come with the administrative

role that I play.

I'm game.

Percy, I crown thee temporary

leader of the local locos.

What's on the docket for today?

Well, Wednesday night is tag Tuesday,

where we paint our tag all over town.

I propose a new loco tag...

Solid white.

Ooh, minimalista.

I can think so clearly

without all the visual clutter.

Now everyone will know the

locos are crazy about

postmodernist aesthetic

contextual reframing.

[Alarm blares]

Okay, Thursday night is mailroom Monday.

We just got our new shipment.

What do you do if the

cops come knocking?

We toilet-flush the drugs.

Let's stay one step

ahead of the cops.

Flush them now.

I like.

One step ahead of the policía.


Hold. Hold.

Hold. Hold.


[Exhales sharply]

That was...

Okay, inhale, Percy.

[Inhales deeply]

This is the very sort of

forward thinking the

Pauper-to-Prince program was

meant to engender.

Friday night is taco Tuesday.

This week, instead of

eating tacos, let's just talk...


All: Oh.

So, who wants to

spill it first?

What do your heart spirits have

to say to your mind-sacs?

I guess I tend to use my

switchblade as a defense


You guys are the only family

I have... maybe because you guys

killed my family.

Before tonight, I could never

express myself with words.

I always did it like this.

["La cucaracha" plays]


You're right... Rape is not an excuse.

It's a reason, and tonight,

everything seems so reasonable.

I'm big now, but I recently

dropped 230 pounds.

Yeah, I dumped your wife!

I guess I told that joke as a

way to avoid the real issue.

I love your wife.

She dumped me.

How do they expect me to stay out of jail?

That's where all my stuff is.

Here's why I never take off

my shirt when we go swimming.

So she says, "Oh, that puppy

is the cutest thing in the world."

And it's like, I'm standing

right here, mom.

I'm standing right here.

Maybe I do have more issues

than a magazine stand, but all

those magazines are puro fancy.

I never wanted to be a vato.

I just want to groom and train poodles.

I secretly groom and train poodles.

Are you guys messing with me?

Whenever you turn your back,

I secretly groom and train poodles.


Turn your back.

I'm doing it.

I'm doing it!

I can't see.

My back is turned.

Passion... This is

what gangbanging ought to be about.

hank you, Percy, for showing

us how to follow our bliss.

We're out of the drug game forever.

Oh, no.

Shiny's coming to town,

and he wants his drug shipment.

We just flushed ourselves a

death sentence.

Who's Shiny?

He's only the biggest drug

dealer since Truman.

He's so rich, he had every

cell in his body platinumed.

Well, you just had

every cell in your body passioned.

Tell Shiny to meet us at the docks.

Where's my drugs, Chalaza?

I'm the local loco

leader now, and we're out of the

drug game for good.

From now on, "L.L." stands for

"Supportive Community of

Connected Spirits."

You give up your game, and

I'll get you a job at the jobby job center.

No deal, Shiny.

Fifi, cuddles!

I don't get it.



Are you prepared for this moment?

[Slowly] Frittata!

I don't want Percy to be our leader anymore.

You should have picked me.

Give... me... back... my... son!

Wait... sorry... I... mean... drugs!


That'll give you time to reflect.

I accept Jesus Christ into my

heart as my personal savior!

Yes, made it!


I know what we can do with

Shiny now.

You were so sexy out

there, Skeeter-beast.

You're my passion.

Sorry, but I'm with someone

who doesn't lie about who they

are on the inside.

Come on, Percy, lend me some sugar.

And now I ramble

forth on my endless journey to

be the greatest aid-spreader of

all time.