"Chief Beef Loco"
Season 1, episode 2
Xavier Chief Beef
Airdate: November 11, 2007
Director: John Lee

Vernon Chatman

Writers John Lee

Vernon Chatman

Alyson Levy

"What Life D-D-Doth"
"Weapons Grade Life"
Xavier comes across a high school student, Percy, who is supposed to be playing the mascot for his school's upcoming basketball game. However, as Percy informs Xavier, a gang of Mexicans beat him up and destroyed his mascot costume. Xavier decides to attend the basketball game while masquerading as Percy in a new costume. The new "Percy" is a huge hit, intimidating the opposing team enough to cause them to forfeit, without a game even taking place. Later, in the locker room, Xavier (who remains under the guise of Percy for the remainder of the episode) encounters the "Local Locos", the same gang that attacked Percy. The gang's leader, Chaleza, invites "Percy" to join the gang, but warns him that nobody ever survives their initiation rite. Later that night, Xavier shows up at the gang's "headquarters" (presumably the house of one of the gang members) and amazes the gang with his extreme "Local Loco spirit". Chaleza decides to temporarily make Xavier the leader of the gang. Xavier makes a number of changes to the gang's "policies", such as flushing their drugs before the police even make a drug raid. After a meeting arranged by Xavier, the members realize their life-long dream of being caring for poodles. Shortly afterwards "Shiny", the "richest drug dealer since Truman", calls, demanding his drugs. Having recently flushed all of their drugs down the toilet, the gang members are at a loss as to what actions they should take. Xavier reminds them that they are trying to leave their drug-dealing life behind them, and persuades them to confront Shiny. In the ensuing confrontation, shiny is thrown into a vat of molten metal and killed. The episode ends with Xavier walking off into the desert.